Community Quests

What are Community Quests?

Community Quests are tasks and puzzles for you to complete alongside other Wonderers in exchange for Multipliers. It is represented by a little treasure chest icon. Complete a quest to get a reward and unlock the next quest.

There are 2 kinds of quests:

  1. Task quest – A milestone for you and the community to collectively achieve.

  2. Puzzle quest – A puzzle for you and the community to solve.

It is a collective effort and everyone wins, so be sure to get your friends on board!

When will quests be released?

Quests will be released weekly, in batches of 2-3 quests.

When will the rewards be distributed?

Once a quest is completed, it's reward will be distributed to all Wonderers on the upcoming Friday, around midday UTC.

  • Example: Quests 1, 2 and 3 are released on Monday. Say the community completes Quest 1 on Wednesday, Quest 2 on Thursday and fail to complete Quest 3 by Friday. Only the rewards for Quests 1 and 2 will be released on Friday.

What if we don't complete a quest within the week it was released?

The uncompleted quest will roll over and continue to be available for you and other Wonderers to complete.

  • Continuing the example above: Since Quest 3 was not completed in the week that it was released, it will continue to be available in the following week. Say the community completes Quest 3 in the following Monday. The reward for Quest 3 will be released in the upcoming Friday.

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