Pets and Experience (EXP)

How to own Pets, earn Experience and level them up.

How can I start owning a Pet?

Each liquid staking token (LST) has its corresponding Pet. To own a Pet, simply hold at least 0.1 of its corresponding LST.

Click on the “EXP” button in the top navbar to view your Pets, their EXPs and other information.

Pets are represented by the little pet shop icon.

What can I do to earn EXP for my Pet?

The fundamental way Pets earn EXP is when you hold their respective LST. It is represented by the little sparkle ✨ icon.

All Pets earn 10 EXP per minute for every 1 SOL worth of the respective LST that you currently hold. This is known as the base rate of earning EXP.

  • Example: Jane currently owns the Infinitie pet by holding 3.5 SOL worth of INF in her wallet. Her Infinitie will earn 3.5 * 10 EXP = 35 EXP every minute.

Refer to our detailed “Pets and their EXP” table for a full list of actions that earns EXP for each Pet.

You need to hold at least 0.1 of the LST for your Pet to be growing and earning EXP. Once your LST balance falls below 0.1 SOL, your Pet goes into hibernation and stops earning EXP.

What can I do to level up my Pet?

Pets will level up as they gain EXP. The level is represented by the little cloud ☁️ icon. The EXP needed to level up will increase exponentially per level. However, the base rate at which your Pet earns EXP stays constant across all levels.

Pets can only reach a maximum level of 999.

When will my Pet evolve?

Pets will evolve upon reaching a certain level. There is a maximum of 3 evolutions per Pet. Pet evolutions will be launching soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Where can I browse the full list of Pets?

Click on the “Sanctum Wonderland” tab ( in our webapp to browse all Pets and their artworks. Or, check out this page in the Guides.

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