📦12th April 2024

Trade is the new Swap and INF is live on Kamino Finance

Trade is the new Swap

We've changed the name of our "Swap" tab to "Trade". This tab now allows you to buy and sell LSTs with ease. Remember, once you've purchased your LST and it's in your wallet, there's no need for further staking. You'll start receiving staking yields right away.

Moreover, if you're navigating our LSTs tab and click the "Buy" button, you'll be redirected to our Trade tab with that particular token already selected for your convenience. We've also included a section of FAQs at the end of the Trade tab to address your most common queries. Happy trading!

INF is live on Kamino Finance

We are excited to announce that our INF token is now live on Kamino Finance’s Altcoin Market! You can supply INF to earn Kamino points. Over time, there will be adjustments to the parameters, and users will be able to use INF as collateral to borrow other assets, borrow INF for hedging, increasing your leverage, or participating in other DeFi activities.

A huge thank you to all the cloudmen who tirelessly advocated for this integration across Kamino’s platforms. You made this possible!

New LSTs

We're thrilled to introduce the following 2 new LSTs from exciting projects that have collaborated with us. Head over to app.sanctum.so/lsts to learn more about them.

  1. edgeSOL by Edgevana

Also new

❓ Added FAQs to Infinity and Trade pages to answer your most common queries

💻 Built a new CLI for partners to easily manage their LSTs

🦶🏻 New footer in app.sanctum.so to find our socials and docs easily

💸 Default 0.3% slippage tolerance added to Infinity deposit/withdraw transactions


  • Page no longer crashes when you click on the “Max” button.

  • Background image is now static for improved browsing experience.

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