Using the Sanctum Stake Pool Program CLI

Managing your stake pool

Using a UNIX-like OS (you need to have git, the solana CLI and rust installed)

git clone
cd sanctum-spl-stake-pool-cli
cargo build
./target/debug/splsp --help

Most of the time, you will need the address of the pool to perform actions, which you can get from here

For example, to get the pool information, you'd copy the pool field associated with your stake pool and run:

./splsp list <pool_address>

You need to use this command in order to retrieve the reserve address which is different from the pool address. For example, you could send SOL to the reserve address in order to increase APY for the holders of your LST

You can also use the --verbose flag to get information about the stake accounts (activating, active, etc)

Likewise, we automatically run a crank to update the pool state after every new epoch but we recommend teams to run a backup, which can be done like so:

./target/debug/splsp update <pool_address>

Native unstaking

Although it's not YET available on our UI, you can achieve native unstaking through the CLI

You can follow this guide to import your private key and save it to a file Then you can run:

./splsp withdraw-stake <pool_address> <amount>

We know this is not ideal and it will be improved soon!

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