What does the Reserve do?

Sanctum Reserve Pool provides deep liquidity for all liquid staking tokens on Solana. Read more about liquid staking tokens. As the deepest reserve pool of idle SOL that exists on Solana, The Reserve can accept staked SOL and give SOL in return. It will then unstake the staked SOL at the end of the epoch to replenish its SOL reserves.

The Sanctum Reserve Pool is unlike any other LST-SOL liquidity pool. The Reserve is available to every single LST to tap into. Regardless of whether you are a big LST like jitoSOL or bSOL with tons of deposits, or a small upstart LST, The Reserve’s liquidity can service them all.

This allows any kind of staked SOL - no matter how big or small - to be used in all of DeFi. Borrow-lend protocols like Drift, Mango, Margin and Solend can safely accept any LST as collateral. Leveraged vaults like superstakesol can compose on top of any LST!

The Reserve is the foundation that provides deep, instant liquidity for staked SOL. Available to all, The Reserve serves as an important shared source of liquidity for all staked SOL, big and small. It also serves as an important backstop for emergency unstakes!

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