Infinity is live!

As previously announced, scnSOL has completed a successful contract migration to INF!

INF Token Address: 5oVNBeEEQvYi1cX3ir8Dx5n1P7pdxydbGF2X4TxVusJm

Explorer Link:

How to deposit into Infinity

Please do not use the “Swap” tab to deposit/withdraw INF for now. INF has not yet been integrated into the various routers. We will let users know when the swap tab will be available for use for INF.

Now that the migration is complete, you can now head to and click on Infinity, or go straight to

Deposit SOL

The default option is to deposit SOL, so enter the amount of SOL you would like to deposit and click “Deposit”.

Deposit LST

Select which LST you want to deposit into Infinity

How to withdraw from Infinity

Click the “Withdrawal” tab and select the LST you would like to receive. Then enter the amount of INF and click “Withdraw”.

For more information about Infinity

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