Sanctum 2.0


  • Sanctum 1.0 gave deep liquidity to all stake pools and enabled DeFi Summer 2.0.

  • Now we are building new products that will bring millions of new LSTs to Solana…

  • and make all SOL liquid.

  • Say hello to the infinite-LST future.

  • We need everybody’s help to reach this future. Join us.


We dreamed of a future where all stake pools, big or small, are liquid.

When we first shared this dream, no one believed it. There were only 3 stake pools, and people thought there was only room for one big dog. People said that liquid staking was winner-takes-all, and a multi-stake pool future was impossible.

I guess we’ve done the impossible then. Today, we’ve serviced almost $50m in cumulative volume, thanks to our Jupiter and Solflare partnerships. The Sanctum Reserve Pool provides deep liquidity for all stake pools, allowing instant unstakes and million-dollar liquidations. Sanctum let new stake pools compete on an equal footing with well-heeled incumbents, and kickstarted DeFi Summer 2.0 because lending protocols could list new stake pools without fear.

Stake pools (or LSTs) are finally living up to their namesake — fully liquid staking tokens.


It’s a good start, but we’re not done. We now have an even crazier dream.

We want all SOL to be liquid. We’re at 4%: we want it to be 100%.

How? By radically rethinking what an LST can be. LSTs are not just stake pools. There are many, many use cases for LSTs, and we've barely scratched the surface.

We believe the future will have millions of LSTs. And we’re not waiting for it; we’re making it happen.

Say hello to the infinite-LST future.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming:

a new look

To better reflect our mission and our ethos.

only possible on solana: validator LSTs

We’re helping validators set up their own single-validator LSTs. These are special LSTs with no fees, no counterparty risk, and 100% capital efficiency. They offer a better user experience than native stake accounts as they can be instantly swapped to SOL or USDC at any time without a two-day cooldown period. And they're completely free.

Dozens of validators have already reached out to set up their own LSTs and we hope to launch many more.

infinity, stake

To support all these new LSTs, we’re upgrading our Reserve Pool and building two new products: Infinity and Stake. The former will enable anyone to swap any LST for any LST in any size, and the latter will kick off a powerful flywheel to kickstart validator-LST adoption.


Finally (for now), we’ll launch S, an innovative, free, Solana-native way to support your favourite artists, creators, and projects.

Come build this future together with us. Join us on Telegram and Twitter

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