Sanctum Verified Partner Program

At Sanctum, our goal is to build toward an infinite-LST future. But we also put a lot of effort into every single one of our LST partners, for example creating new pets in Wonderland. To do this for all LSTs is impossible with our limited resources. Including an LST in Wonderland is also (implicitly or explicitly) an endorsement of that LST, and we simply cannot vet the sheer number of upcoming LSTs. Therefore, we've been getting unprecedented demand for new LSTs, so we're introducing a new two-tiered system. Anybody will be able to set up a new LST with Sanctum following the instructions here. After a simple vetting process, the LST will have full access to Sanctum Router and Reserve and will be available to trade on the Sanctum website

LSTs can apply to become a Sanctum Verified Partner. These LSTs will be integrated into Infinity and be eligible to be part of future Wonderland seasons. This process will be a lot more stringent. At the start this will be at the team's discretion, but will include a community element in the future. Right now we look for projects with an established track record in the space, good organic traction, or something that offers a fresh take on what an LST can be.

All existing Sanctum LSTs will be grandfathered into being Sanctum Verified Partners, but this will change soon. Verified Partners is a rotating cast, not a one-way door: you must keep delivering to continue being a Verified Partner.

We think this strikes a good balance. New LSTs will enjoy access to a unified LST liquidity layer powered by Sanctum, without the need for an explicit Sanctum endorsement. At the same time, Sanctum will be able to work closely with the best, most earnest projects in this space and give them the full attention and love they deserve.

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