Sanctum closes Fundraise Round - $6.1m Total

Sanctum is excited to share that we have closed a small seed extension round, bringing our total funds raised to $6.1m, with participation from founders and angels of the Solana ecosystem. We are grateful to have the support of the BOOGLE Syndicate, David Lu of Drift Protocol, Deni Ershtukaev of Squads, Macbrennan Peet of MRGN, Michael Hubbard of Laine, Kelxyz and Retired Chad Dev. We are also grateful to the continued support of the funds from the earlier round, our lead investor - Dragonfly, CMS Holdings, Defiance Capital, Jump, Sequoia India and Solana Ventures amidst others; as well as angels Ari Litan of Layerzero, Cindy Leow of Drift Protocol, Julian Koh of Aevo and Francesco Agosti of Phantom amidst others. Sanctum has been powering the liquid staking ecosystem with our infrastructure stack since 2023 - ensuring infinite liquidity for all LSTs. In 2024, we'll be focusing on two products - 1) Sanctum LSTs and 2) Infinity.

The infrastructure stack has been built so the Cambrian explosion of LSTs can begin. Apart from the 13 Validator LSTs we've helped to deploy, expect to see many more, and with unique mechanics that truly push the boundaries of what a LST could be.

Our latest product Infinity is a never-done-before primitive built from scratch for liquid staking on Solana to facilitate price efficient LST-LST swaps. Users can deposit SOL or any LST into Infinity to earn aggregated staking returns from LSTs in Infinity, in addition to trading fees. The Infinity program will be built upon to reshape the future of Solana staking, and to enable the use of Solana's growing economic security. Learn more here.

Come join us in our mission to build the infinite-LST future!

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