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What’s Juicy Stake?

Juicy Stake is a validator run by Knox Trades, a valued and active member of the Solana community. In Knox’s words, his dream is to make Juicy Stake competitive and hang with the very best of the staking infrastructure companies. Knox is a systems and network engineer by trade, but got his degree in Economics. He believes that blockchain has been the intersection of those two, and in a truly open capitalist environment, anyone with skills can put themselves out there and let the market pay them directly and exactly what they’re worth.

Nowhere else in society does that exist.


What’s jucySOL?

jucySOL is an LST that delegates solely to the Juicy Stake Validator. It charges 0% deposit fee and withdrawal fees for stake accounts and a 0% epoch fee. You can deposit either SOL or your validator stake account into the jucySOL non-custodial pool. Your SOL is then staked with the Juicy Stake validator. In return, you'll receive the jucySOL token, which accrues staking rewards. For example, if you deposit 100 SOL into juctSOL, you’ll receive 99.99 jucySOL. In a year, your 99.99 jucySOL should be worth roughly 107 SOL (assuming a 7% staking APY).

Token Details

  • Validator Commission: 4%

  • Estimated APY (at time of writing): 7.86%

APY taken from Stakewiz

Why stake with jucySOL?

You should stake with jucySOL because….he is an excellent validator and you want to support Knox Trades because you align with his values.

As a active member of the Solana community through the lows and highs, Knox has maintained his integrity and commitment to Solana and his validator through thick and thin. In fact, Knox ran Juicy Stake at a loss for a year simply because he loves what he does.

As previously mentioned, Knox has a desire for self-excellence and strives to be the best validator he can be. To end this section with a quote from Knox:

”So in a way, being successful as a validator is my own self validation that I have worth. I put my skills of infrastructure out there and let the market do the rest.”

How to stake with jucySOL?

Direct SOL deposits

Our goal is to making staking as easy as a swap. All you need to do is go to It’ll automatically direct you to the “Swap” tab. Connect your wallet, and you’ll be able to directly deposit your SOL into jucySOL.

Voila! You have jucySOL. Do note that we charge a one-time 0.1% deposit fee.

Existing stake accounts

If you’ve already staked with a validator (or want to try this route), you can use the “Stake Accounts” tab on to deposit your active stake account with Juicy Stake into jucySOL We charge 0% deposit fees for this process. There is one key thing to note here:

  1. You require an active stake account.

This means that if you just delegated your stake to Juicy Stake within the current epoch, your stake account is considered to be activating. You have to wait till the next epoch before your stake account is considered active stake. You can use the SoceanBot Telegram Bot to track epoch timings.

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