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πŸ‘‹Welcome to Sanctum

Hey there, curious cloudmen! Welcome to Sanctum.

Our mission is to build a thriving liquid staking ecosystem on Solana. To get there, we want to make all SOL staked, and all staked SOL liquid. This is a future where LSTs are truly accessible to all – you can issue your own LST without worrying about liquidity, and you can browse infinitely-many LSTs to invest in your favourite ones.

Head over to our developer docs if you are looking for technical documentation.

Let's start by acquainting you with the core functions of our app, housed within the following tabs:

  1. Infinity: Deposit liquidity (any LST or SOL) into our flagship product, Infinity Pool, in exchange for the Infinity (INF) token.

  2. Trade: Buy and sell any and all LSTs, instantly.

  3. Stake Accounts: Instantly convert your existing stake accounts to LSTs.

  4. LSTs: Browse, discover and learn more about each LST and what they can do for you.

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