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The Sanctum team are OGs on Solana that have been building liquid staking on Solana since February 2021. We helped Solana Labs to build the SPL stake pool program (today, all but two LSTs use a version of the SPL program), and launched the first SPL stake pool, Socean.

Over the years, we've continuously built to improve liquid staking. One critical piece was (now the Sanctum Reserve), which provides instant unstake liquidity for all LSTs on Solana. Now, we're building Sanctum, which unifies liquidity for all LSTs and will usher in a new era of liquid staking on Solana.

We're a team of 7, and we’re actively expanding. Socials FP (founder): HY (founder): 0xf812 (founder): J (founder): Patron (engineer): CW (product & design): Alkine (BD):

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