Deposit and withdraw liquidity from the Infinity Pool.

What is the "Infinity" tab for?

The Infinity tab is where you interact with Sanctum's Infinity Pool. You can:

  1. Deposit whitelisted LSTs or SOL into the Infinity Pool and receive INF in return.

  2. Return INF to withdraw whitelisted LSTs or SOL from the Infinity Pool.

What is the Infinity Pool and the INF token?

Refer to our developer docs for a more detailed read about our Infinity Pool.

The Sanctum Infinity Pool is a multi-LST liquidity pool that allows swaps between all LSTs in the pool.

When depositing into Infinity, you can deposit any of the whitelisted LSTs or SOL. You will get INF in exchange, which is a receipt token that represents your corresponding share of the total pool.

You can think of Infinity as a basket of LSTs and of INF as an index comprising some of the best LSTs in the space. Since LSTs are yield-bearing assets, INF is too and its APY is the weighted average of the staking yields of all the LSTs in the Infinity Pool, plus trading fees earned from the Infinity Pool.

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