Joining Wonderland

Head to to enrol in Wonderland today.

Be sure to verify that you’re at the correct URL,, before proceeding.

How to join Sanctum Wonderland

Join Sanctum Wonderland in 2 simple steps:

  1. Connect your preferred Solana wallet to the official Sanctum webapp,

  2. You should see an "Introducing Sanctum Wonderland" popup after successful connection. Follow the on-screen steps to enrol in Wonderland.

You have successfully enrolled in Wonderland when you see the following screen:

Note: If you do not wish to enrol in Wonderland now, simply click on "Maybe later" to close the onboarding popup.

It might take a few minutes for your EXPs to start accumulating after you've registered for Wonderland. Be patient! Feel free to refresh the page after a few minutes to see your latest EXPs.

Referral codes

Joining with a referral code

Referral URLs and codes are available to everyone. Do remember to input a referral code during onboarding if you have one. It will be verified by the app before you are allowed to proceed with the rest of the onboarding flow.

Only new Wonderers are allowed to join with a referral code. If you have already joined Wonderland, you will not be able to input a referral code retroactively.

Your referral code

Upon joining Wonderland, you will automatically be given a unique referral URL and code. You are free to share this with your friends to get them to join Wonderland with your code.

Refer to Referral Cupcakes for more information about our referral programme!

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