Referral Cupcakes

Wonderland's referral programme.

Your unique referral code

Everyone gets a unique referral code upon successfully enrolling in Sanctum Wonderland (see Joining Wonderland). Your unique referral code will be shown to you during enrolment, or you can find it in the “Your Stats” panel at any time after enrolling.

Your referral code is unique to you and will stay the same throughout Season 1.

Joining Sanctum Wonderland using a referral code

If you joined Sanctum Wonderland using someone else’s referral code, you stand a chance to win bonus EXP at the end of Season 1. Anyone that has not joined Sanctum Wonderland is free to join using a referral code. You will be prompted to input a referral code during Wonderland's onboarding process.

If you have already joined Sanctum Wonderland and did not use a referral code, you are not allowed to claim a referral code retroactively. Referral codes can only be used during onboarding. However, you will still have your unique referral code and can share it with anyone looking to join Sanctum Wonderland.

You can only join using 1 referral code.

Earning Referral EXP and Referral Cupcakes

If someone successfully joins Sanctum Wonderland using your referral code (this person is your referee, and you the referrer), you earn 5% of your referee’s EXPs throughout Season 1. These EXPs that you earn through referrals are your Referral EXP.

You will automatically be rewarded with a Referral Cupcake for every 20,000 Referral EXPs that you earn. At the end of Season 1, each Referral Cupcake can be exchanged for bonus EXPs and added to your Total EXP count.

  • Example: Bob signs up with Wonderland using Jane's referral code. Throughout Season 1, Bob earned a total of 10M EXP across all his Pets. This means that Jane would have earned 5% * 10M = 500,000 Referral EXP from Bob. This would have automatically been converted to 500,000 ÷ 20,000 = 25 Referral Cupcakes for Jane. Jane can exchange these 25 Cupcakes for bonus EXP at the end of Season 1.

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