Wat is Wonderland

Join our fellow Wonderers and build the infinite-LST future with us.

Welcome, fellow Wonderer

Welcome fellow Wonderer, we're glad to have you join us in Sanctum Wonderland! Collect Pets, earn EXPs to level up your Pets and come together as a community to solve the gigantic battles of Community Quests! Read on to learn more about Sanctum Wonderland and what it means for you.

What is Sanctum Wonderland?

A colony in the skies, Wonderland is a rediscovered ruin built onto strangely solid clouds. the Wonderers are the earliest human settlers, but Wonderland is also home to a strange race of blobs. It seems that the blobs are more mercurial than expected, and undergo wild transformations when certain conditions are met.

Discover Wonderland

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