How to create a profile?

Create a profile at

Step 1: Visit and connect your wallet. If you are currently connected to, click on the wallet button in the top-righthand corner and select "Create Sanctum Profile" in the popup.

Step 2: Under the "Create new profile" tab, select the "Create new profile" button.

Before creating a profile, you can verify that the wallet displayed onscreen is the correct one by clicking on the wallet address. This opens the wallet in the SolanaFM explorer.

Step 3: Prove your ownership of the wallet by signing the message in your wallet extension.

Done: Your profile will be created once the message is signed successfully!


  • A wallet can only be linked to a single profile at any time. You cannot create a profile with a wallet that is currently linked to an existing profile.

  • You are required to sign a message to prove that you own your wallet. This prevents others from creating a profile using your wallet.

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