Stake Accounts FAQ

I've just bought an LST via the Trade tab. Why isn't my stake account for that LST showing up in the "Stake Accounts" tab?

You will not receive any stake accounts when you purchase an LST (whether using SOL or any other supported LSTs) via our Trade tab. Hence, you will not see any new stake accounts reflected in the "Stake Accounts" tab after buying an LST.

When you buy and LST, you receive the LST in your wallet and will immediately earn it's staking yields just by holding it in your wallet. No stake accounts involved with your wallet.

Why can't I convert my stake account to an LST?

If the "Convert to LST" button is disabled when you have a stake account preselected, it means that the validator that your stake account is staked to does not have an LST for your to convert to.

However, you can still instantly unstake that stake account to receive SOL by clicking on the "Unstake Instantly" button. You can then use that SOL to buy any LST via our Trade tab.

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