EXP Multipliers

Boosting your Pet's growth with EXP Multipliers.

What are EXP Multipliers?

A multiplier is a temporary buff to the rate at which your Pet earns EXP. It is represented by a little chevron ⏩ icon. Your multiplier is not affected by your Pet’s level.

What can I do to earn EXP Multipliers?

Multipliers are granted by completing Community Quests. Upon completion of a Community Quest, all Wonderers will be rewarded with a Multiplier and it will take effect immediately. The Pet that gets Multiplier depends on the Quest and it changes from week to week.

  • Example reward: 2x Multiplier for Infinitie that lasts for 30 minutes

  • Example user: Jane has two Pets – Infinitie and Bonksie. She is holding 3.5 SOL worth of INF and a 2x Multiplier is awarded to her Infinitie Pet after the community successfully completes a Quest. Her Infinitie will earn ( 3.5 * 10 ) * 2 = 70 EXP per minute. This Multiplier will cease automatically after 30 mins. Her Bonksie will not get the Multiplier and will continue to earn EXP at the base rate.

How long does my EXP Multiplier last?

Multipliers are temporary and last only for their specified duration. It can range from 5 minutes up to a week.

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