Do I get rewarded for being an early user?

Absolutely! We appreciate you for your early support and will retroactively grant you your hard-earned EXPs and Pets based on your past activities up till the date of Wonderland’s launch.

Your retroactive Pets, EXPs and Rank will be granted to you immediately upon joining Sanctum Wonderland. You should see the following screen when you join Sanctum Wonderland:

Note: Retroactive EXP for your existing positions is only awarded up until Wonderland's launch date (29th April). Post launch, you would have to join Wonderland in order to continue earning EXP.

Why am I not seeing my EXP accurately reflected?

We compute and update your positions in ~5 minute intervals. Don’t panic if you just bought / sold your LSTs and don’t instantly see your EXPs updated, it should update within the next few minutes!

You can check when your positions were last updated via the “Your Stats” panel.

Why is my Pet not earning EXP?

If a Pet that you own is not earning EXP, it is because your LST balance for the Pet has fallen below the minimum requirement of at least 0.1. Top up your LST to a balance that is worth at least 0.1 for your Pet to start earning EXP again.

What is the maximum number of Pets that I can own?

There is no limit to the number of kinds of Pets that you can own. You can own as many kinds of Pets as there are currently available.

However, you can only own 1 of each Pet. This means that you can own 1 Infinite, 1 Bonksie, 1 Driftie, and so on.

There are 18 Pets in Wonderland Season 1, you can check them out here.

Will my EXP and Pets expire after a certain time?

No, they will not. Once a Wonderer, always a Wonderer. Your EXPs and Pets are here to stay through our future seasons. So the longer you hold your LSTs and the more LSTs you stake into, the bigger your rewards!

What happens when I move my LSTs to another wallet address?

When you move your LSTs from Wallet A to Wallet B, the stats that you have earned thus far (EXP, Pets, Levels, etc.) will continue to stay in Wallet A. Since you’ve moved some LSTs out of Wallet A, your rate of earning EXP in Wallet A will decrease accordingly. Wallet B will be treated as a separate account. Join Wonderland with Wallet B and to start earning EXPs in Wallet B, but note that your Wallet B stats will start from 0.

Example: Jane currently has a Lvl. 50 Bonksie in Wallet A, and she transferred all her bonkSOL out of Wallet A. Her Bonksie and all the EXP that it has earned thus far will remain in Wallet A. It will stop earning EXP, and consequently stop levelling up, since Jane now has 0 bonkSOL in Wallet A.

Will I get EXP for LSTs that I deposit into Infinity Pool?

No, you will not. When you deposit an LST into Infinity Pool, you are trading that LST for INF. At that point, you will earn EXP for your Infinitie Pet (INF) instead of the LST that you were originally holding.

Are Pet evolutions manual or automatic?

Pets will evolve automatically once they reach their evolution level! You do not have to do anything to make your Pet evolve.

We are currently working on their evolutions, so stay tuned.

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