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Commonly asked questions regarding our Infinity Pool and INF token.

What is the Infinity Pool and INF token?

The Sanctum Infinity Pool is a multi-LST liquidity pool that allows swaps between all LSTs in the pool. You can think of it as a basket of LSTs.

The INF token is the token you get in exchange for providing liquidity into the Infinity Pool. You can provide liquidity by depositing any whitelisted LST or SOL via INF is a yield-bearing token. Its yield is the weighted average of the staking yields of all the LSTs in the Infinity Pool plus trading fees earned from the Infinity Pool. You can use INF across Solana's DeFi ecosystem, just like any other LST.

Here is INF's SPL token address for your verification:

πŸ”Ž You can refer to our technical documentation [here](link) for a more in-depth explanation of how our Infinity Pool works.

Where and how can I get INF?

There are two ways you can get ahold of INF:

  1. Deposit liquidity into the Infinity Pool via and receive INF in return.

Both methods give you the exact same INF token (in fact, there is only 1 INF token, view on Solana FM here). This means regardless of the method you choose, your INF will have the same yield and can be used across the same DeFi partners in the ecosystem.

The only meaningful difference between the methods is for method #1, you are depositing liquidity into our Liquidity Pool and hence will receive no price impact. While for #2, there is a chance that you bought your INF via a route quoted by Jupiter and will incur higher fees.

I just deposited into the Infinity Pool. Do I need to stake my INF?

No, you do not need to stake your INF! So long as you're holding INF in your wallet, you're considered "staked" into the Infinity Pool and you'll be earning the INF's APY.

You can view INF's current APY at

Is there a minimum amount of INF that I need to hold?

No, there is no minimum amount.

How is the APY for INF computed?

The APY for INF is the weighted average of the staking yields of all the LSTs in the Infinity Pool, plus trading fees earned from the Infinity Pool.

This APY varies based on a few factors, like the number of LSTs, trading volume of those LSTs, TVL in the pool, TVL in other LPs, etc. You can view INF's current APY at

What fees does the Infinity Pool charge?
  • Deposit: We do not charge any fee when you deposit SOL or LSTs into the Infinity Pool.

  • Withdraw: We charge a flat 10bps for withdrawing liquidity from the Infinity Pool (i.e. going from INF back to SOL or any LST).

  • Swap: We charge a flat 8bps per swap for any token in the Infinity Pool, including SOL.

Note that these trading fees earned by the Infinity Pool contribute to INF's yields. These fees may be revised by the pool manager at any time.

What is the benefit of holding INF as opposed to other LSTs?

INF will be at the forefront of the LSTs, its function other than being an LST is to be able to capture whitelisted LSTs in a pool, meaning you will be able to add all the whitelisted LSTs if a pool for INF gets added to kamino, it also accrues value from staking + fees generated which tbh is yugee, this will make its apy grow over time but other LSTs are also cool they have different ways to distribute value to their holders.

However, we strongly encourage you to check out the other LSTs that launched with Sanctum here – They each have their unique value propositions and we love all of them!

I deposited an LST into Infinity Pool and received INF. Do I still earn yields on that LST?

No, you don't. You will be earning INF's yields instead.

However, since INF's yield is a combination of the staking yields of the basket of LSTs in the Infinity Pool, the yields of that LST you deposited still contributes to the yields you earn through INF.

Please note that INF may have a lower APY than the LST you deposited.

Where can I find Infinity pool's performance stats?

The team is working on dashboards.

What can I do with my INF?

Firstly, you are already earning yields just by holding INF in your wallet. On top of that, you are free to use your INF to participate in Solana's DeFi ecosystem, just like any other LST.

Right now, you can:

MarginFi and RainFi are currently working on supporting INF, you'll hear from us once those are ready.

Is it better to deposit SOL or an LST into Infinity Pool?

You can deposit either. However, note that you are decreasing the overall pool performance by depositing SOL. Swapping to an LST first (you can use then depositing is much better for everyone.

Please note that INF may have a lower APY than the LST you are depositing.

Is the Infinity Pool program audited?

Yes, it's been audited a total of 3 times by Neodyme, OtterSec and Sec3, with all issues remediated. You can find the audit reports here.

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